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New look at the Gynaecologist

Every woman needs a gynaecologist and all women go to these doctors, yet not so long ago a woman only whispered about a gynaecologist to her closest circle of friends and men pretended not to know what the function of a gynaecologist is. This was because of society’s reverence for the female body and the very nature of a gynaecologist’s ministrations. These days however, thankfully, women and especially men have come to understand that the female body has particular functions, especially in the area of reproduction, and that these functions are purely natural. The gynaecologist is increasingly seen as a valued, indeed indispensible, member of a family’s health maintenance team. There is a whole new openness about the doctor-patient relationship between a woman and her gynaecologist.

One of the benefits of this new openness is that women are much more willing to consult their gynaecologist not only to assist with the advent of health problems, but to help them to take better everyday care of their bodies. The modern woman regards a twice-a-year visit to her gynaecologist as much part of the routine as having a general physical check-up or dental examination.

Husbands are increasingly involved in this contact with the gynaecologist. A woman, obviously, needs to be at ease with her gynaecologist. After all, a gynaecologist’s examination and treatment involve the most intimate areas of the female body. If a woman is unduly reserved in discussing her body with her gynaecologist, treatment or preventative care could be severely compromised. It is almost equally important that the husband is involved in the consultation and that he be equally at ease with his wife’s gynaecologist. If he is not, it could create undue tension in the doctor-patient relationship but also in the marriage. This is not an ideal scenario for the maintenance of the woman’s health.

Once a woman has crossed the embarrassment barrier and has connected with the gynaecologist as health care professional, she tends to stay loyal to their professional relationship. Women do not tend to hop from one gynaecologist’s consulting room to the next. However, nothing in life is permanent. People move to other towns or cities or a woman’s gynaecologist may retire. Choosing a gynaecologist is a sensitive and serious matter.

Women tend to discuss their health care providers with their friends and most often she would be referred to a friend’s gynaecologist. A gynaecologist’s reputation is all-important and a good report can be very valuable to his practice. But it can also be of great help for the woman looking for a gynaecologist. Still, there are other factors to be considered. In today’s regimented world with its strained schedules, it is important for a woman to find a gynaecologist (in Cape Town, in Johannesburg and the rest of South Africa) close to home or place of work.

This process has become infinitely easier with the introduction of Mapadoc, which is an easy-to-use website listing doctors all over the country. A woman merely has to enter the area she lives or works, indicate that she’s looking for a gynaecologist and, easy as that, she is presented with a list of gynaecologists and all their contact details, including Johannesburg.

After that, finding a gynaecologist who will fit into her health management team, is that much easier.

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